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Track Keyword Rankings With In-Depth Analysis. Keysearch is a great little keyword and research tool. In fact im going to say it’s excellent.

Especially for new blogger’s who are just starting out and have a small budget. Or even for the most advanced blogger’s.

Firstly Keysearch has a great variety of SEO tools such as URL analysis and competitor analysis, rank tracking, keyword research and much more. All this for $17.00 per month is the basic plan.

This is a great alternative to other high end price SEO tools available on the market such as Ahrefs.

Now Keysearch may not offer as many features and SEO tools as Ahrefs does. But take into consideration Ahrefs basic plan is $99.00 per month.

If your new to blogging this super little SEO tool with help you find keywords that are easy to rank for and analyze competition. Below is an example of a websites domain strength and how many backlinks the website has.


I also like their Keysearch content assistant tool. This is perfect for a keyword phrase to see what the average word count for the Googles 1st page web page results.

All you need do is copy and paste your content into the dashboard and it will highlight keyword opportunities and the competition in the LSI keywords you have included in your content.

What are LSI Keywords ? LSI Keywords are basically keywords and phrases that are related to the main keyword you want to rank for in Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

Their Content Assistant Tool also highlights suggested keywords and phrases to include in your URL.

Another thing i like is their SEO Crash Course, please see diagram below.

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Keysearch has so many tools there’s to many to mention, i could go on and on, and i dont want to bore you. But as i said previously at $17.00 per month you cant go wrong at this price.

They offer two packages basic $17.00 per month and Pro $34.00 per month.

Paying yearly is cheaper please see details below.


Keysearch accepts most major credit cards and Paypal.

You can cancel anytime. Paying yearly is cheaper than monthly.

But as always if your on a budget, monthly payment is a better option.


Affiliate Commission

30% on 1st Payment

30% on remaining Payments

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Semrush started out in 2008. Their user platform of digital marketing and SEO tools are designed to streamline everything you can posibbly imagine in the world of SEO.

One of my favourite SEO Tools is their competition research and web traffic analytics.

Track Keyword Rankings With In-Depth Analysis

Especially web traffic analytics. This gives a detailed monthly account of vistors to a website, and a detailed account of countries that visited your website.

Their website also has a variety of additional informational resources which includes informative ebooks, webinars, and blog posts.

Now as for subscription prices, yes semrush is expensive. But you pay for what you get with starter plans at $99.00 per month.


SemRush has a 7 day Free trial sign up period. A major credit card is needed to register, and you must cancel before the 7 days period or you will be billed.

Visit Website Here

Semrush also has an extremely detailed knowledge base that includes videos, manuals, and other guides.

This area of the website explains everything from the first steps through to more sophisticated tactics for experienced users.

You can view the FAQ and manual for each individual tool and report about SEMRush tools.

At this stage it provides all the revelent information you need to make your decision.

This information provides you with the average keyword competition.

Ranking figures start between 1-100 with 100 being hard.

The keyword’s volume is now shown to help you decide if it’s worth investing your time and money into ranking for your niche keyword.

You also shown the bid price for each niche keyword. This helps you understand the value for each keyword.

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Earn up to 40% recurring commission for SEMrush subscription sales.

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Track_Keyword_ Rankings
Track Keyword Rankings With In Depth

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You will get 30 % commission of each full price payment made by a referred user. In a case of a discounted price, the commission will be reduced by the percentage amount of the discount.

Cookies are valid for 30 days.


Commission payments are made via PayPal. You can request a payout when you reach a minimum threshold of $150.

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