Social Media Marketing

7 steps To Success With Social Media Marketing

Social Media is one such platform that allows the business to expand the horizons beyond any national or international boundaries. The connectivity and benefits from social media are increasing leaps & bounds with the help of strategy & creativity.

Today 97% of the marketers are opting for using social media to promote their business and the benefits of which are extended beyond sales but 50% of the small business aren’t using social media whereas 25% of it aren’t even planning to use social media for promoting their business.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the plan for creating content to promote the products and services on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Youtube to create user engagement, sharing, and brand awareness which is beneficial for business growth.

Division of Social Media Marketing On Various Platforms

Facebook: Facebook has active daily users of around 1.73 billion worldwide having an impact on B2C clients with an audience reach Millenials and X generation. Facebook helps create brand awareness & advertising.

Instagram: Instagram has an active user of monthly 1 billion with the audience being primary Millennials with the reach of B2C clients. This medium is helpful for natural-looking media, advertisements, and content for user-generation.

Twitter: Twitter has 126 million daily active users worldwide and having the growth for B2B and B2C clients, Twitter helps reach out to the clients to build public relations and for customer service.

Linkedin: Linkedin has a reach of 675 million monthly users worldwide having an impact on B2B clients and helpful for building B2B relationships, business development, and marketing.

Youtube: Youtube is having a monthly reach of 2 billion users worldwide with the reach of B2C clients and helpful for brand awareness and entertainment with the help of videos.

Reddit: Reddit can be an amazing source for traffic generation, and you can also use it to grow your following.

If you’re completely new to Reddit, then don’t worry.

Reddit is one big online community with hundreds of sub Reddit communities where you can find anything. Yes absolutely anything, this can be from SEO to serious business ideas to memes.

Social Media Advantages

  1. Brand Awareness: The amount of people on various social media platforms is enough to describe why is it necessary to promote the business on media platforms. Sharing the content of the business, products, services, and details about the company through these mediums ultimately helps in creating brand awareness.

Social media helps in diverting the traffic to your website with the help of direct links in the blogs and posts. The important benefit is the likes, comments, shares, and repost by the public creating positive brand awareness about the product in the society

  • Increasing traffic: Social media marketing allows us to increase the traffic on the website leading to an increase in sales and is considered the right way to spread the word about the products and the mission of the company. The help of an effective story can also help in creating a brand image as well allowing people to reach you more easily and effectively.

Social media is considered the perfect channel to get in touch with the audience with the help of pictures, videos, tweets, and blogs allowing the people to know about your business services & products which in turn leads to an increase in traffic.

  • Unique & engaging content: With plenty of competitors out in the market it becomes necessary to create content that is unique as well as engaging. Hence you must always consider the content shared by your competitors and to stand out among all.

Engaging and unique social media posts must stand out and give the reason for the audience to click on ‘follow’ and interact with your brand and buy your services by taking the advantage of the features offered by various social media platforms.

Leads & Conversions

Promoting and sharing the details about the product and the services on social media is a simple way to get more leads and to boost the conversions. With the help of the advertisement, you have engaged the people to follow your account.

Sharing the products through social media platforms allows the visitors to click on the products to get more details and help them to proceed to checkout through this platform to easily buy the product from you. Implementing social media campaigns, contests, live videos, offers & discounts are different ways to create leads.

  • Relation with Customers: Connecting and engaging posts on social media gives great exposure and allowing to build a long-lasting relation with the audience. Interaction on the posts, live sessions, responding to the comments & questions, and providing the help required creates a positive approach with the audience.

Asking about your services, products, their pains, and allowing them to give their inputs for the betterment creates trust with the audience and how you would value their support and inputs to ease their way of shopping builds an honest and open relation.

  • Learning from the Competitors: To know and to learn from the competitors is the need of an hour. Social media marketing allows you to keep a tab on your competitors concerning their tactics, campaigns, product promotion, implementation, and interaction with the followers.

Social media gives an insight into what is working and what isn’t working in your favor with your competitors allowing you to decide what you should and what you shouldn’t change in terms of the company’s approach. It also allows you to review the social media accounts of your competitors and to make sure your brand standouts in the market.

Steps To Track The Progress Of Media Marketing

  1. Engagement – clicks, likes, shares, and comments
  2. Reach – audience checking the profile
  3. Impressions – number of times profile is seen
  4. Followers – the number of people clicking on the ‘follow’ button
  5. Profile Visits – audience visiting  the social media page
  6. Video Views – number of views received on social media posts
  7. Tags – audience adding the name of company profile or hashtags to another post
  8. Reposts – reposting your content on their profile
  9. Mentions – audience mentioning your profile in their posts
  10. Shares – posts shared from your profile by the audience.

All of these metrics influence and increase the social following and improve the engagement on your profile generating more leads and boosting conversions. These metrics are measured with the help of analytic & tracking tools.

Considering the use of social media in today’s world it is necessary and the most effective to get in touch with the audience. With social media marketing advantages, the reach to the audience has made it quite easy and simple helping in generating more leads & conversions. Plan your social media strategy today and get a humongous increase in sales.