Part Time Online Jobs

Part Time Jobs Online With Fiverr – “The Future of Freelancing Market”

Part time jobs online. Fiverr is an online marketplace that allows buyers and sellers to connect so they can buy and sell freelancer services. The name of the platform is derived from the minimum price of services offered that is $5. The idea to introduce Fiverr was to make the process of hiring and getting hired smooth for freelancers and buyers around the world. Fiverr has 300 plus categories for services that sellers offer.

How To Hire And Get Hired?

When buyers need a service, they’ll place an order on the seller’s gig. Gig showcases the service offered by the seller on Fiverr. It usually has a one-liner title to explain the offering for example, “I will create a minimalistic logo for you”. The gig is usually divided into Basic, Standard, and Premium packages.

It can also be done through “Post a Request/ Buyers Request” Option. When a buyer places a request for the services they need and Sellers respond to the request by creating a custom offer to win the order.

Delivery Time, Payment, and Commission

The delivery time is decided mutually by Seller and Buyer and depends on the queue of orders sellers have. The payment is deducted by Fiverr in advance and the seller gets 80% of the amount. Fiverr keeps 20% as a commission of providing the medium for business. For example, for a $10 gig, the seller gets $8, and Fiverr keeps $2. The order is marked complete by the buyer or gets completed after three days automatically and the payment is disbursed to the buyer after 15 days of order completion.

Fiverr For Buyers

Buyers can browse through the category pages for the services they need. When they write a search term or click on a category, a list of sellers appears on the buyer’s screen. You can see the packages they offer, and choose the suitable service you need. The buyers can also contact the sellers if they need to discuss the project and availability before placing the order.

Fiverr charge the buyers with a $1 processing fee for orders up to $20 and 5% for orders above $20. Before the payment goes through, Fiverr allows buyers to ask for a revision, if needed, as per gig offers. It also allows buyers to review the services they hired.

Part Time Jobs Online With Fiverr For Sellers

Sellers after making their profile on Fiverr create custom gigs to sell their services. Sellers can offer services they are good at, and earn. They can withdraw payments through various mediums as PayPal, Payoneer, Direct Bank Transfer, or Fiverr Payment Card.

Gig Creation

Sellers can create the gig by completing the following six steps

•              Overview of your Gig.

•              Pricing for your Gig.

•              Description and FAQ.

•              Requirements from the client.

•              Gallery for photos and videos.

•              Review and publish.

The key of getting hired is creating an attractive and professional Gig.

Keywords and SEO

Fiverr works the same say as any other search engine does. With appropriate keywords and Search Engine Optimizations, sellers can get ranked on the initial pages for the relevant keywords a buyer search and are thus expected to get more orders.


Mostly the buyers hire a seller on the basis of the reviews of other buyers. The reviews depict the previous buyer’s experiences with the seller. A seller cannot however, directly ask for reviews as per Fiverr terms and conditions. To get a good review, provide excellent service to the buyer.

Personal Information

Buyers and sellers are not allowed to share any personal information such as email, phone number, Facebook/Instagram link etc. It may lead to permanent disabling of your account.


The sellers are divided into four levels

  1. No Level
  2. Level One
  3. Level Two
  4. Top-Rated

After fulfilling the four requirements set by Fiverr, the sellers can reach the next level of the seller on Fiverr. The four requirements are Earnings, Number of Orders, Days Without Warning, Order Completion Rate, 5-star reviews, and Selling Seniority.

Why Fiverr?

Some sellers are working full-time on Fiverr while some are working part-time for a side income. There are around 2.3 million sellers on Fiverr right now, and people are making thousands of dollars per month by delivering excellent services.

Part time jobs online with Fiverr gives sellers the opportunity to work flexible hours from their homes. Some people are even earning more than regular 9-to-5 jobs. Employers instead of hiring permanent employees can hire low-cost workers and save the remuneration, training, and termination costs. In short, Fiverr has revolutionized the freelancing market for millions of freelancers around the world.