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Money transfer companies. TransferWise is a London-based online money transfer service founded back in January 2011 by Estonians Taavet Hinrikus.and Kristo Käärmann.

Originally the company was started due to the inconvenience and cost of around 5% sending money from the UK to Estonia via bank transfer.

The company now supports more than 750 currency routes worldwide including GBP, USD, EUR, AUD and CAD, and provides multi-currency accounts.

Money Transfer Companies

Their are no hidden fees and no bad exchange rates.

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TransferWise Affiliate Program.

Their minimum commission payout is £10 (or currency equivalent) for each new personal user.

Higher rates are offered for referred business users.

All new users are considered as someone who does not have a pre-existing TransferWise account and completes a successful cross-currency transaction.

TransferWise do not have a cookie window, so you will receive commission no matter how long it takes the user to make their first transfer.

Commission rates can be reviewed once we have enough data on the performance of the partnership and a better understanding of the life-time value of the new users. If the users you drive contribute higher value than the minimum CPA, it will be re-assessed.

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Authorized and regulated by the Bank of Lithuania Transfergo is an electronic money institution established in Lithuania back in 2012.

Send money from the UK and 32 other countries worldwide.

How It Works

You provide the recipient’s details and the amount of money you want to send.

Then make a local bank transfer or use a debit card (for payments up to £1000)

Once TransferGo have received your payment the money will arrive at the other transfer destination within hours.

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Money Transfers

Currency rates are fixed, so the amount you decide to send is what will arrive at your chosen destination.

All fees are included in the amount you see above when you create your money transfer, so there are no hidden fees.

Transfergo pricing is based on very competitive currency rates, and how quickly you want the money you send to arrive at its destination, and that’s it.



Commission starts at 10 GBP for every new user who makes a transfer using TransferGo.

Your success of your campaign leads to a higher commission.

The better performance – the higher your commission.

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