Low Cost WordPress Hosting.

Low Cost WordPress Hosting. Name-Cheap is probably best known for being an independent ICANN-accredited domain name registrar founded back in 2000.

They not only provide extremely cheap domain names compared to other domain registrars. But also low cost wordpress hosting.

NameCheap has now moved to providing hosting services. They offer competitive monthly plans, and if you decide to pay yearly you get 50% discount.

Low Cost WordPress Hosting Plans.

Now as for their WordPress hosting plans. I especially like their EasyWP Supersonic. This is a managed plan costing $9.56 per month.

If you buy for the year, again you get a 50% discount.

Low Cost WordPress Hosting

EasyWP Load Times

Affordable WordPress Hosting

Low Cost WordPress Hosting.

Because EasyWP Supersonic Dashboard is very very easy to use and navigate.

This is a perfect hosting plan for someone who is new to blogging. The setup is simple and there are no WordPress installs.

So you access your WordPress theme from your EasyWP dashboard. You also activate your SSL certificate which is free from your dashboard.

EasyWP offers High traffic wordpress hosting.

Please See An Example Below Of EasyWP Dashboard.

When you are taken to your EasyWP Dashboard you start by clicking on SSL Certificate and activate your SSL.

Then simply click on your domain name first, and then click on Admin.

Please see diagram above.

Cheap Hosting For WordPress

Once you have clicked on Admin this takes you straight to your WordPress website. There’s no messing around with a Cpanel.

Doing this takes you to your WordPress website and your good to go.

Or you can simply login on wordpress login by using your user name and password sent to you in your email by Namecheap.

Visit Their Website Her

Commission Rates Offered On All Affiliate Platforms.

Domains (registrations/transfers)
Hosting Packages (Stellar, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated Servers plans)
SSL Certificates35%
Private Email20%
VPN Monthly Plan$5
VPN 1 Year Plan & 3 Year Plan50%
Marketplace and Premium Domains0%

Acceptance Criteria For All New Affiliates.

  • A website must have an established presence on the web as determined by organic search ranking, traffic to website, and/or industry reputation.
  • The website content must be aligned with their marketplace and target customers (i.e., domain, security, hosting, etc.
  • Your website must be directly registered via your own domain name registration and not via a 3rd-party (i.e, Squarespace or WordPress).
  • Marketing strategy and tactics should be aligned and complementary to Namecheap’s marketing efforts.
  • Content, advertising, email, loyalty programs, (i.e, social media, etc.)
  • Legal Compliance with all US laws, all laws relevant to your home country.
  • Your website must follow the rules of their Affiliate Program Terms.

As mentioned earlier always read their affiliate program terms and conditions.

To sign up as an affiliate here at


Low Cost WordPress Hosting.

RoseHosting started out back in 2001 with the vision of becoming a leading provider of business and personal web hosting solutions.

Today their one of the leading VPS hosting providers serving customers worldwide.

WordPress Hosting Plans

Hosting For WordPress

All Web Hosting Plans Include The Following.

  • FREE Full Weekly Backup
  • FULLY Optimized For Speed
  • WordPress Installation FREE 
  • FREE 24/7 Fully Managed Support
  • FULLY Optimized For Speed
  • Enterprise-Grade SSD Storage
  • Firewall Security and Hardening
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
Managed WordPress Hosting

Shared Hosting Plans

Best_Hosting_For _WordPress_Site
WordPress Hosting

All Shared Web Hosting Plans Include.

WordPress Hosting

Why Should You Become A Rose Hosting Affiliate.

Their one of the best choices for reliable, fast, and affordable website hosting solutions, with 24/7 award-winning technical support and 99.99% Uptime guaranteed.

Plus you will therefore receive recurring commissions for a very long time from each customer you refer.

In addition to this all technical support is already included in the price of the hosting plans.

Flat-Rate Per-Action Commissions

One time commission for every qualified order. Earn as much as $500 commission on qualified purchases made by your referrals.

Affordable Hosting

To make things even better, once you refer 30 qualified referrals, you can ask to be moved to the VIP tier for even greater commissions.

Not To Mention Bonuses

Earn an additional $50 Bonus for referring 10 or more orders to Rose Hosting in any given month.

Plus an additional $300 Bonus for referring 30 or more orders to RoseHosting in any given month.

Recurring Commissions

Why earn commission only once. Instead, you can earn a recurring 10% commission on every payment made by your referrals.

To add to this, once you refer 30 qualified referrals, your recurring commission will be permanently increased to 15%.


For instance if you refer 10 clients in a month on our SSD 2 VPS Plan, at $49.95 per month: $50 Bonus

Your monthly recurring commission = 10% of $499.50 $49.95 per month
A TOTAL of $99.95 in the first month

Example 2

Say you refer 20 clients in a month on our SSD 2 VPS Plan, at $49.95 per month: $50 Bonus

This means your monthly recurring commission = 15% of $999.00 $149.85 per month

Example 3

Finally if you refer 30 clients in a month on our SSD 2 VPS Plan, at $49.95 per month: $300 Bonus

Your monthly recurring commission = 15% of $1498.50 = $224.78 per month
A TOTAL of $524.78 in the first month

Affiliate can sign up here at


Managed WordPress Hosting.

Cloudways is a one-click Managed Cloud Hosting Platform that cater’s for businesses such as, Design Agencies, E-commerce and even Bloggers host their websites with Cloudways.

They cater to clients in industries, such as Entertainment, Media, Healthcare, IT, Fashion,and Interactive Design Studios.

What Cloadway Offer To Their Customers.

Cloudways has an excellent customer satisfaction rate.

Their customer reviews can be seen on Trustpilot.

Cloudways offer pay as you go plans to adapt to your budget needs.

So you pay only for the resources you consume.

One migration can be done by their engineers for FREE.

Or you can use the Cloudways-built WordPress migrator plugin to migrate unlimited WordPress websites from any other hosting.

Their monthly starting plan is $10.00 per month.

But they also offer a Start Free Option.

Please See Price Chart Below.

Managed Hosting Plans

Visit Their Website Here

You also have the option to choose your server nearest to your targeted audience.

Because this reduces latency and improves page load time.

As they offer 60+ data-centers worldwide.

So why choose Cloudways Hosting Plans ?

Cloudways offers a great balance between affordability and managed hosting functionality.

As it protects all servers with dedicated platform-level firewalls, and regularly performs firmware that enhances the security of cloud storage.

This function prevents unauthorized users from accessing their private server and therefore, nobody can break into your code files.

Cloudways Affiliate Program.

Please See Chart Below For Estimated Earnings.

Cloudway Affiliate Commission

So Why Join Cloudfare Affiliate Program

Cloudfare Dedicated account managers and resources are there to make sure you earn high commission regularly.

Please see Below are some examples.

Dedicated Affiliate Managers

Their dedicated affiliate managers will walk you through every step of the cloud affiliate program.

They will answer any questions you may have and give you access to expert advice and guidance.

Affiliate Friendly Tracking System

Cloudfare Affiliate cookie lasts for 90 days as they make sure all your sales are properly tracked and you receive the full return for your efforts and work.

Learn Affiliate Marketing

They offer a hosting affiliate program that equips you with knowledge resources including their onboarding emails and guides.

Including blogs, monthly newsletters, and benchmark articles.

Detailed Performance Reporting

You get access performance reports in your affiliate panel to evaluate the impact and success of your marketing campaigns and affiliate strategies.

Efficient Tracking System

Track different marketing campaigns through advanced affiliates tracking tools such as postback URL and SUBid tracking that let you analyze the ROI of your marketing efforts.

Custom Promotion Offers

Their powerful in-house engineered Breeze cache plugin offers improved performance for WordPress websites without any additional cost.

Become An Affiliate Here