Very Cheap Car Insurance

Very Cheap Car Insurance. Simon Nixon founded two businesses in the mortgage market in 1980 and eventually became Moneysupermarket.

This started when he established a mortgage subscription business in 1987 and Nixon was a student at the University of Nottingham studying accounting, while also working a job selling mortgages.

Moneysupermarket allows you to compare prices not just for different types of insurance.

But also different companies for loans, energy suppliers, credits cards internet broadband and much more.

You can visit their website here

You will find their website easy to navigate between pages and Consistently good deals.

Whether your looking for cheap car insurance or change energy supplier then compare their current deals now.

MoneySuperMarket gives you an abundance of clever ways to save money.

Money Super Market Affiliate Program.

Why Work With MoneySuperMarket

  • Great opportunity to partner with one of the UK’s most popular price comparison websites.
  • MoneySuperMarket is a well-recognised brand in insurance.
  • Your customers will be able to take advantage of our relationship with leading insurance brands in the UK, helping them save both time and money.
  • Signing up is free of charge.
  • A broad range of products to promote.
  • Competitive commissions

Sales tracked with default rate: 
If there is a problem with the tracking pixel firing on the last stage of the journey, it is possible that the transaction is not matched to any commission group. If any of your transactions fall on the default rate, please contact the MSM team for further investigation and map the commission parameter to the correct group.

Commission Structure

They have different conversion points across a range of products on our site, so we have different commission structures by-product and publisher type.

Standard rates are:

  • Car Insurance: £3.52 for every click out to a partner site (service provider)
  • Home Insurance: £3.50 for every click out to a partner site (service provider)
  • Energy Single-switch: £5.20 CPA for every single switch application completed on-site
  • Energy Dual-switch: £7.50 CPA for every dual fuel switch application completed on-site
  • Pet Insurance: £2.00 for every click out to a partner site (service provider)
  • Travel Insurance: We pay the following CPA commission for policy purchases completed on-site (Backpack trip £1.40, Single trip £1.42, Annual trip £1.44, Existing condition backpack trip £1.50, Existing condition single trip £1.52, Existing condition annual trip £1.54)

CPA: pays a percentage or fixed £ amount of commission for every application completed on MoneySuperMarket’s website or for every application completed with the use of rewards like gift cards and cashbacks.

Click outs: pays a percentage or fixed £ amount for users that complete an application on MoneySuperMarket’s website and click out to a partner site (service provider).

Standard Commission Rates

They also offer bespoke CPA rates to cashback, loyalty and voucher websites (for all product channels, except for pet insurance.

For further information, contact lease get in touch with us to obtain a copy of their rate card by affiliate type and/ or discuss further optimization opportunities.

Deduplication policy

  • All clicks to partner sites will be de-duplicated based on a last-click attribution model.
  • We operate a 1-day session window. Only click outs within this window will be validated.
  • MoneySuperMarket does not allow site scrapes.

Marketing Permissions

  • We do not allow any PPC bidding on the affiliate programme.
  • We do not allow any E-Mail Marketing on the affiliate programme.
  • We do not allow promotion through Facebook or social media platforms on the affiliate programme
  • Ensure the brand name is always represented as “MoneySuperMarket” (capital M_S_M).
  • Cashback and loyalty sites are permitted, but these partnerships require a bespoke tracking implementation, if you have enquiries about this, please send an email to

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Confused.Com operates in the UK motor insurance sector and regulated by the FSA was established in 2002.

As continues to be a main player in the car insurance market because they simplify the process of finding people great car insurance.

This is done without the hassle of having to provide duplicate information to obtain a quote.

  • offers consumers a free and completely impartial service that allows you to compare car insurance policies from a range of major insurance providers.
  • Comparing multiple providers is quick and easy.
  • Policies can be adjusted depending on factors such as required level of voluntary excess, courtesy car cover and legal expenses insurance.
  • The price comparison service is free to use.
  • Quotes only take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

With Government statistics advising that there are over 31 million cars on UK roads

This provides partners a huge potential by advertising to its customers and readers.

Confused.Com Affiliate Program.


Commission is paid to affiliate partners at a rate of £2.30 for each successful new unique customer that completes a quote.

A completed quote is based on a new customer progressing through the quote process and reaching the final page that displays their car insurance prices.

The validation period for new quotes is 28 days.

Cookie Length 30 Days

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