Bra Size Chart

Bra Size Chart for International Customers.

Bra Size Chart. Using the charts below to compares bra sizes used in the United States with bra size conversions in other parts of the world. To do this you will need to use both the cup size and the band size parts of these charts.

Bra Size Chart

International Cup Size Guide

Bra Size Chart


Now that you know your correct bra size using the charts above, Make sure and double-check that your bras are fitting you correctly.

The band is your bra ‘s main support function so it’s vital it fits well. If you buy a new bra, attach it to the loosest row of hooks, and you can tighten it over time as the elastic loosens and washes.

Is the band firm but not too tight? If you can’t fit a finger between the bra band and your body, the bra is too tight.

Is the band too loose-fitting? If there are gaps at the bottom of the cup, the band is too loose and the bra will ride up.

The Center Gore

Can you place your finger under the center gore? The center gore should be tighter to keep your breasts from slipping out the bottom.


Do you have (empty spots) in the cups of your bra? The cups should look full and smooth. If there are any pockets in the fit, then you need a smaller cup size.

Is there any spillage on the sides or under your arms or over the top of the cups? If there is, you need a larger cup size or a bra design with more cup coverage and/or higher sides.

Do you wear an underwire bra, is the underwire flat against your chest? does the underwire ride up ? Then you need a larger cup size.

If the bra is poking or pinching you, then you need to buy a new bra.


The easiest way is to look for adjustable straps so you can tighten the strap over time as the elastic loosens.

Does the straps rest comfortably on your shoulders without digging or pinching ?

You don’t want to be seeing a reddish strap imprint when you take your bra off before you go to bed.

Try adjusting the straps, switch to convertible straps, or even try a different band size.

Does the straps slip off your shoulders? If you adjust the straps and that doesn’t fix the problem, throw the bra away.

Either the elastic has worn or you need a different size.