Part Time Online Jobs

Part Time Jobs Online With Fiverr – “The Future of Freelancing Market”

Part time jobs online. Fiverr is an online marketplace that allows buyers and sellers to connect so they can buy and sell freelancer services. The name of the platform is derived from the minimum price of services offered that is $5. The idea to introduce Fiverr was to make the process of hiring and getting hired smooth for freelancers and buyers around the world. Fiverr has 300 plus categories for services that sellers offer.

How To Hire And Get Hired?

When buyers need a service, they’ll place an order on the seller’s gig. Gig showcases the service offered by the seller on Fiverr. It usually has a one-liner title to explain the offering for example, “I will create a minimalistic logo for you”. The gig is usually divided into Basic, Standard, and Premium packages.

It can also be done through “Post a Request/ Buyers Request” Option. When a buyer places a request for the services they need and Sellers respond to the request by creating a custom offer to win the order.

Delivery Time, Payment, and Commission

The delivery time is decided mutually by Seller and Buyer and depends on the queue of orders sellers have. The payment is deducted by Fiverr in advance and the seller gets 80% of the amount. Fiverr keeps 20% as a commission of providing the medium for business. For example, for a $10 gig, the seller gets $8, and Fiverr keeps $2. The order is marked complete by the buyer or gets completed after three days automatically and the payment is disbursed to the buyer after 15 days of order completion.

Fiverr For Buyers

Buyers can browse through the category pages for the services they need. When they write a search term or click on a category, a list of sellers appears on the buyer’s screen. You can see the packages they offer, and choose the suitable service you need. The buyers can also contact the sellers if they need to discuss the project and availability before placing the order.

Fiverr charge the buyers with a $1 processing fee for orders up to $20 and 5% for orders above $20. Before the payment goes through, Fiverr allows buyers to ask for a revision, if needed, as per gig offers. It also allows buyers to review the services they hired.

Part Time Jobs Online With Fiverr For Sellers

Sellers after making their profile on Fiverr create custom gigs to sell their services. Sellers can offer services they are good at, and earn. They can withdraw payments through various mediums as PayPal, Payoneer, Direct Bank Transfer, or Fiverr Payment Card.

Gig Creation

Sellers can create the gig by completing the following six steps

•              Overview of your Gig.

•              Pricing for your Gig.

•              Description and FAQ.

•              Requirements from the client.

•              Gallery for photos and videos.

•              Review and publish.

The key of getting hired is creating an attractive and professional Gig.

Keywords and SEO

Fiverr works the same say as any other search engine does. With appropriate keywords and Search Engine Optimizations, sellers can get ranked on the initial pages for the relevant keywords a buyer search and are thus expected to get more orders.


Mostly the buyers hire a seller on the basis of the reviews of other buyers. The reviews depict the previous buyer’s experiences with the seller. A seller cannot however, directly ask for reviews as per Fiverr terms and conditions. To get a good review, provide excellent service to the buyer.

Personal Information

Buyers and sellers are not allowed to share any personal information such as email, phone number, Facebook/Instagram link etc. It may lead to permanent disabling of your account.


The sellers are divided into four levels

  1. No Level
  2. Level One
  3. Level Two
  4. Top-Rated

After fulfilling the four requirements set by Fiverr, the sellers can reach the next level of the seller on Fiverr. The four requirements are Earnings, Number of Orders, Days Without Warning, Order Completion Rate, 5-star reviews, and Selling Seniority.

Why Fiverr?

Some sellers are working full-time on Fiverr while some are working part-time for a side income. There are around 2.3 million sellers on Fiverr right now, and people are making thousands of dollars per month by delivering excellent services.

Part time jobs online with Fiverr gives sellers the opportunity to work flexible hours from their homes. Some people are even earning more than regular 9-to-5 jobs. Employers instead of hiring permanent employees can hire low-cost workers and save the remuneration, training, and termination costs. In short, Fiverr has revolutionized the freelancing market for millions of freelancers around the world.


Sexy Plus Size Lingerie

Sexy Plus Size Lingerie.

Lingerie is an integral part of women’s wear and size has always been a major concern and finding plus size lingerie is not an easy job and above all, it is not the sexy type is old thinking because gone are the days when plus size wasn’t cool and not acceptable. As today plus size models walk with equal oomph and grace as of slim models and hence more manufacturers have started producing plus-size lingerie.

What is plus size?

To understand the concept of the plus size it is necessary to know which size is known as plus size. The fact is plus size differs from country to country for instance size of above 16 in the UK is considered as plus size whereas the USA considers 14 and above as plus size. Hence women having larger built than that of an average woman is considered as the plus size though it differs from one manufacturer to another.

Plus Size Lingerie

The recent market has boomed for the plus-size lingerie wherein they can find the stylish and comfortable lingerie which was a distant dream a few years back. Today plus size lingerie is available in every imaginable pattern, style, and color. Brassieres to corsets to nightgowns all of this is available in the market today in the plus-size as they are designed and cut to show the curvy figure of the plus-size women.

There is no need to hide today for buying the plus size lingerie as it doesn’t mean fat instead are largely built or gaining weight because of illness or pregnancy. Plus size women can be of any age group being a teenager, young adult, middle-aged, or even elderly.

The reason behind plus size been accepted in society is the manufacturers have realized that because of the fast and modern life, women lingerie size is not limited to tall and slim as depicted by the models instead many women out there are large and in need of plus size and hence it is made available in the vast number of sizes in the plus-size category.

One of the major and the significant change was seen in the market is that products are now made available in the small plus size as well to make it more appealing, pretty, fashionable, and comfortable instead of wearing drab or a box with the only option being plus size.

Sexy Plus Size Lingerie

Release your romance side of you with this Bondara Belle Plus Red Illusion Chemise, G-String and Stockings.

This sexy plus size lingerie is a bedroom must-have that glorifies your curves and creates the perfect silhouette with its contrasting panels.

Bondara Belle Plus Red Illusion Chemise, G-String and Stockings

Bondara Belle Plus Red Illusion Chemise, G-String and Stockings

Showcase your breasts with the fantastic, lace, half cups and give your partner the shock of his life.

The satin bows sit at the base of the adjustable straps and add a little charm to the ensemble.

This sexy three piece set includes a sexy matching G-string and stockings that will make you an ultimate seductress in the bedroom.

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The fact is sexy plus size lingerie market is growing leaps and bounds with no compromise on style, comfort, pattern, color, elegance, and grace and every woman out there has embraced it without worrying about them being the plus size women.

Hence it necessary for the women to upgrade their wardrobe with plus-size sexy, and naughty lingerie by treating themselves with something new from the huge range of stylish plus size lingerie which will suit their taste, budget, and style available in the market to flaunt their curvy sexy figure by pampering it with bras, knickers, corsets, stockings, babydoll, teddy, thong, bodystockings, and shapewear.

Bondara Affiliate Program

Established in 2006, Bondara has seen solid year-on-year growth to become one of the adult industry’s most trusted and valued retailers.

Bondara is one of the UK’s leading retailers of adult toys and bondage-offering a wide variety of lingerie, gifts, games and adult aids.


• 30-day Cookie Lengths
• Currently the highest rates in the industry – offering up to 22% commission
• Affiliate newsletters with all our latest offers, news and tips
• Industry standard sized banners in a variety of styles
• Daily product feed
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Best Perfume For Women

Best perfume for women. The perfume you carry is the final touch in your overall attitude. You put effort into your body, hair, clothing, cosmetics, and can top it all off with your signature perfume, wrapping the whole package together.

Your fragrance helps to enhance your visual presence. By adding extra sense and nuance to your attire and appearance, at the same time, becomes an attraction to other people to engage their senses in your style.

Your signature perfume is a declaration to the world that you know who you are, and it introduces the world to your uniqueness. By using the right methods and preventing errors when picking your signature fragrance will result in a better statement overall.

 Calvin Klein

Calvin Kleins is known for A real, modern, and minimalist style. Today Calvin Klein has built a fantastic portfolio of daring and iconic fragrances, which continue to dominate the boundaries of the perfume world. Perfume reflects a sleek design aesthetic that exudes purity and luxury.

It is no doubt that perfume from Calvin Klein holds a prominent position in any woman’s perfume collection and wishlist, read on to discover some of the most seductive Calvin Klein fragrance that you’d like to wear To make a decent impression.

Best Perfume For Women

Best Perfume For Women

Calvin Klein Euphoria

The “Calvin Klein Euphoria” embodies an elegant and seductive aura that expresses your most intimate desires. It was created in 2005. The enchanting oriental fragrance is an enticing blend of exotic fruits, seductive florals, and a creamy signature.

The intense aroma of amber in the base notes adds to the mesmerizing effect of this enigmatic fragrance.

When you choose a CK perfume, you are choosing something from a brand that is known to set trends, not follow them.

 Think about the feeling of sheer happiness as you eat a fruit salad on a picnic in a beautiful summer garden. That’s Euphoria.

Women’s Euphoria is an Eau de Parfum that embraces the feminine spirit.

Highly chic, Euphoria Eau de Parfum influenced by the orchid’s pure elegance. With succulent persimmon and addictive pomegranate, this feminine fragrance opens up. It is further enveloped by an intoxicating mix of lotus blossom and orchid, layered with liquid amber and lush mahogany wood. Irresistibly tempting, Euphoria holds the promise of everlasting memories. It awakens the soul and prompts new experiences.

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Fragrance Direct is one of the United Kingdom ‘s leading cosmetics stores, stocking items from 600 global brands and designer labels.

Some of their top brands that feature on the Fragrance Direct website include: Calvin Klein Euphoria, Giorgio Armani and Carolina Herrera.

With Fragrance Direct they offer the biggest brands at the best prices around.

Fragrance Direct Affiliate Program


  • Affiliate newsletter on offers which are regularly communicated
  • Exclusive Discounts for affiliates
  • Potential for PPC rights as exclusive
  • 30 day cookie period
  • Prompt payment on commission
  • Commission rates & Validation

At least 5% Commission on all sales

Weekly validation of sales looking back at sales over past two weeks

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Skin Care Affiliate Programs

Skin care affiliate programs. Does your skin hydrate every day? Both men and women will find many advantages of using high-quality skin moisturizer.

Choose the best skin care affiliate programs to market that will cleanse, refresh and revitalise your skin.

It will make you look and feel younger, you will have smoother, more elastic skin, and it also keeps your skin moisturized. If you want to ensure that you look as young as possible in the years to come, all of these things are significant. 

Joining affiliate programs can sometimes be difficult to choose the right niche.

But it’s important to promote quality products that’s popular with companies that have excellent reviews.

Promoting skin care can be a great choice especially if you’re also interested in this niche.

Everyone knows that if you want fair, radiant skin, you have to moisturize. But are you aware of what moisturizer really does?

And do you use it in the right way? If you responded, “No” Read on to become a moisturizing master, from discovering the best beauty everyday face moisturizer for your skin type to understanding when and how to use it.

There are lots of skin care affiliate products out there to promote on your blog or website or even social media.

Take for example Elaine Gregg Marine Restorative Moisturizer.

Skin Care Elaine Gregg Marine Restorative Moisturizer has been clinically tested and an approved moisturizer for skin.

The formula is enriched with a unique extract provided by the bio-fermentation of the selected strain of Red Marine Algae (Ahnfeltia concinna) Naturally derived from Hawaiian red marine algae.

Elaine Gregg Restorative Marine Moisturizer.

Elaine Gregg Restorative Marine Moisturizer

Active Ingredients:

  • Sodium Hyaluronate: known as an excellent moisturizing, lubricating and hydrating emollients
  • Vitamin E Tocopheryl Acetate: Anti-oxidant. Nurtures and protects the skin from break – down Vitamin A Retinyl Palmitate: Study has shown that vitamin A helps to improve the skin texture and elasticity
  • Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid: Anti-oxidant. This is known to enhance collagen production.
  • Extract of Rose Hip: Highly rich source of vitamin C, usually contains ten times the amount of oranges. Vitamin A, B, B2, E, K, and P and iron and copper compounds are also found in Rose Hips.
  • Extract of Ginkgo Biloba: Known for its purifying and detoxifying effects.
  • Extract of Horse Chestnut: Known for its soothing properties. It is sometimes referred to as a vasoconstrictor.

Elaine Gregg Marine Restorative Moisturizer is proven clinically to refine blemishes, fine lines, and raise levels of hydration.

When To Moisturize Your Skin

It’s a great idea to hydrate right after washing your face in the morning and at night.

You know, every day, twice a day, you really have to put moisturizer on, but is it good to put moisturizer on before going to bed?

Yeah, well, here’s a tip-make sure to wait for good 30 minutes to allow your skin time to soak up and not rub off on the pillow! It is perfect to be used as day and night cream or both.

How to use it?

  • After washing your face, pat on your face to make it dry prior to applying the favorite Elaine Gregg Restorative Marine Moisturizer.
  • Make sure that, by using strokes upward, you softly apply the moisturizer. Never press on your skin or pull on it.
  • Apply moisturizer before foundation if you are going to put on makeup.

It is effective and efficient in calming skin irritated and damaged due to various laser treatments, chemical peels, and extreme environmental conditions.

So, that’s it! Develop in your daily routine, and your thirsty and dry skin will be grateful to you.

So If you’re looking for some skincare affiliate programs to promote, I hope this post gave you exactly what you were looking for.

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Social Media Marketing

7 steps To Success With Social Media Marketing

Social Media is one such platform that allows the business to expand the horizons beyond any national or international boundaries. The connectivity and benefits from social media are increasing leaps & bounds with the help of strategy & creativity.

Today 97% of the marketers are opting for using social media to promote their business and the benefits of which are extended beyond sales but 50% of the small business aren’t using social media whereas 25% of it aren’t even planning to use social media for promoting their business.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the plan for creating content to promote the products and services on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Youtube to create user engagement, sharing, and brand awareness which is beneficial for business growth.

Division of Social Media Marketing On Various Platforms

Facebook: Facebook has active daily users of around 1.73 billion worldwide having an impact on B2C clients with an audience reach Millenials and X generation. Facebook helps create brand awareness & advertising.

Instagram: Instagram has an active user of monthly 1 billion with the audience being primary Millennials with the reach of B2C clients. This medium is helpful for natural-looking media, advertisements, and content for user-generation.

Twitter: Twitter has 126 million daily active users worldwide and having the growth for B2B and B2C clients, Twitter helps reach out to the clients to build public relations and for customer service.

Linkedin: Linkedin has a reach of 675 million monthly users worldwide having an impact on B2B clients and helpful for building B2B relationships, business development, and marketing.

Youtube: Youtube is having a monthly reach of 2 billion users worldwide with the reach of B2C clients and helpful for brand awareness and entertainment with the help of videos.

Reddit: Reddit can be an amazing source for traffic generation, and you can also use it to grow your following.

If you’re completely new to Reddit, then don’t worry.

Reddit is one big online community with hundreds of sub Reddit communities where you can find anything. Yes absolutely anything, this can be from SEO to serious business ideas to memes.

Social Media Advantages

  1. Brand Awareness: The amount of people on various social media platforms is enough to describe why is it necessary to promote the business on media platforms. Sharing the content of the business, products, services, and details about the company through these mediums ultimately helps in creating brand awareness.

Social media helps in diverting the traffic to your website with the help of direct links in the blogs and posts. The important benefit is the likes, comments, shares, and repost by the public creating positive brand awareness about the product in the society

  • Increasing traffic: Social media marketing allows us to increase the traffic on the website leading to an increase in sales and is considered the right way to spread the word about the products and the mission of the company. The help of an effective story can also help in creating a brand image as well allowing people to reach you more easily and effectively.

Social media is considered the perfect channel to get in touch with the audience with the help of pictures, videos, tweets, and blogs allowing the people to know about your business services & products which in turn leads to an increase in traffic.

  • Unique & engaging content: With plenty of competitors out in the market it becomes necessary to create content that is unique as well as engaging. Hence you must always consider the content shared by your competitors and to stand out among all.

Engaging and unique social media posts must stand out and give the reason for the audience to click on ‘follow’ and interact with your brand and buy your services by taking the advantage of the features offered by various social media platforms.

Leads & Conversions

Promoting and sharing the details about the product and the services on social media is a simple way to get more leads and to boost the conversions. With the help of the advertisement, you have engaged the people to follow your account.

Sharing the products through social media platforms allows the visitors to click on the products to get more details and help them to proceed to checkout through this platform to easily buy the product from you. Implementing social media campaigns, contests, live videos, offers & discounts are different ways to create leads.

  • Relation with Customers: Connecting and engaging posts on social media gives great exposure and allowing to build a long-lasting relation with the audience. Interaction on the posts, live sessions, responding to the comments & questions, and providing the help required creates a positive approach with the audience.

Asking about your services, products, their pains, and allowing them to give their inputs for the betterment creates trust with the audience and how you would value their support and inputs to ease their way of shopping builds an honest and open relation.

  • Learning from the Competitors: To know and to learn from the competitors is the need of an hour. Social media marketing allows you to keep a tab on your competitors concerning their tactics, campaigns, product promotion, implementation, and interaction with the followers.

Social media gives an insight into what is working and what isn’t working in your favor with your competitors allowing you to decide what you should and what you shouldn’t change in terms of the company’s approach. It also allows you to review the social media accounts of your competitors and to make sure your brand standouts in the market.

Steps To Track The Progress Of Media Marketing

  1. Engagement – clicks, likes, shares, and comments
  2. Reach – audience checking the profile
  3. Impressions – number of times profile is seen
  4. Followers – the number of people clicking on the ‘follow’ button
  5. Profile Visits – audience visiting  the social media page
  6. Video Views – number of views received on social media posts
  7. Tags – audience adding the name of company profile or hashtags to another post
  8. Reposts – reposting your content on their profile
  9. Mentions – audience mentioning your profile in their posts
  10. Shares – posts shared from your profile by the audience.

All of these metrics influence and increase the social following and improve the engagement on your profile generating more leads and boosting conversions. These metrics are measured with the help of analytic & tracking tools.

Considering the use of social media in today’s world it is necessary and the most effective to get in touch with the audience. With social media marketing advantages, the reach to the audience has made it quite easy and simple helping in generating more leads & conversions. Plan your social media strategy today and get a humongous increase in sales.


Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs. The Internet is an extremely powerful tool for making money if used wisely, along with careful planning and market research.

Profit from one of the most lucrative affiliate programs available such as VPN and Hosting

ZenMate is a popular proxy VPN service which is used by 45 million users worldwide.

And covering 30 global server locations ZenMate is one of the world’s leading VPNs.

Their Premium security software is available in 3 different subscription plans: 1 month, 6 months, and 1 year.

Affiliate can earn recurring commission on all subscription plans seen below.

Monthly Special Offer

New Signup 100%

Recurring 30%


New Signup 40%

Recurring 30%


New Signup 40%

Recurring 30%

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

As with VPN affiliate programs, Hosting also offer best recurring commission.

Cloudways hosting offer one of the best affiliate commission among all hosting programs.

At Cloudways you have the flexibility to move to Hybrid or Custom Plans at any time with no lock-ins.

For example with their Hybrid Plan you earn $30 per sale + 7% lifetime commission.

And if you generate sales regularly you become part of the high incentives and bonus campaigns.

For More Detailed Information Visit Cloudways here

Recurring Affiliate Programs

Elegant Themes specializes in building responsive WordPress themes and is one of the best-rated theme creators in the industry.

At Elegant themes they offer the highest commission percentage of any WordPress Theme company on the internet

By promoting Elegant themes as an affiliate you receive 50% from each sale, which is nearly double the industry standard.

Unlike many other companies Elegant themes pay out commissions on yearly renewals.

So as an affiliate this means you will continue earning money each year as customers pay their yearly renewal fees.

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Affiliate Marketing Ideas

Affiliate Marketing Ideas. Nothing grabs the attention of your readers better than a killer opening to a great blog post.

The thought of owning and running your own online business is probably something that’s entered many people’s minds at some point in their lives.

Having the ability to run an online business is a good idea to have. But there’s one small problem. What if you don’t have the available funds to start an online business.

So affiliate marketing is basically promoting another person’s or companies products or services, In return receiving commission for your work involved promoting these products. The more you promote and sell the more you earn.

If done correctly it can be a win-win scenario for you, especially if the commission rate is high.

Hosting affiliates pay high commission rates, hosting companies such as RoseHosting pay a recurring 10% commission on every payment made by your referrals.

Residual affiliate programs will continue to pay you repeatedly on a monthly basis. This type of payout is found in subscription services, or some form of refill or replenishment service.

This Is Where Affiliate Marketing Comes In.

As Affiliate marketing is cost-effective, you don’t hold any stock.

The only cash outlay you need is a Domain Name and Hosting, this can be done for under a £100 or $100 and you can basically start your own online business with a blog on the Internet.

Thus making your business idea extremely affordable.

Ideally, high, recurring commissions and excellent administration are a good place to start.

The benefit of this is the commissions continue to come in and payments repeat for very little additional work on your part.

You also need a way to receive your commission money.

This can be a PayPal account or bank account.

Once you have signed up, you are then given an affiliate login page with a variety of tools to use.

Sometimes your website or blog may need approval by the company you have applied to become an affiliate with.

With the variety of affiliate programs that can be found on the web, it makes a lot of sense to partner with the more popular, well-grounded programs

Best Kind Of Merchant And Vendors

The best kind of merchant or vendor to collaborate with is one that offers a lifetime cookie.

That means the customers you send would be yours as long as that cookie stays on their computer.

It is always best to choose your affiliate companies wisely and do some research about the companies first.

So its always best to check their Terms and Conditions.

As far as sales commission, I’ve found that it depends completely on the profit margins for the industry you’re working in. 

For example, computer systems and hardware carry a fairly low profit margin on affiliate sales,

So 5% would be a reasonable and expected commission percentage on sales related to these products. 

Information products often carry much higher profit margins, especially where the information is electronic such as EBooks or online courses.